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Polka Raspberry

Polka is one of Europe's leading primocane raspberry varieties.  Polka was bred at the Fruit Experiment Station in Brzezna, Poland by Dr Jan Danek, one of the world's foremost raspberry breeders.  Hargreaves Plants holds the exclusive propagation rights to the variety in the UK and licences the variety across the world.

Yield and SeasonalityGeneral - Polka raspberry

Grower experience and experimental results from the Research Station in Tongeren, Belgium show Polka to be the earliest commercially accepted primocane variety.  This clearly gives the variety massive advantages in terms of continuity of supply into the market place.  Polka can also be manipulated to thrive in a double cropping system.

Polka's yield is unquestionably high, which is certainly aided by its early start.  Experiments in Tongeren have shown the variety to yield 2.5kg per plant in ideal growing conditions.  Also, the variety came first in marketable yield with 96%.  These results are borne out in the commercial arena where yields of 20 tonnes per hectare are regularly achieved.

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Fruit QualityGeneral - Polka fruit

Polka is well renowned for its fruit quality attributes.  Its flavour can be described as clean and fruity with a convincing aroma.  Berries are large (an average of 6.6g in tests, evenly conical, medium red with outstanding shelf life.  Brix tests show Polka to average 11.7% sugar against 10.3% for Tulameen and 9.0% for Glen Ample.

How To Grow Polka

Hargreaves Plants has built up a wealth of knowledge on Polka and can offer help in areas of agronomy, from soil type to planting density and feed regimes.  Hargreaves Plants can offer Polka plants in three format; bare rooted standard canes, bare rooted long canes and spring potted modules.

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